Baltic Wooden Houses is an Andalusian company that was born in 2004 with the dream of becoming a reference company in the real estate sector based on the elegance, solidity and resistance offered by pine and spruce homes from the Baltic countries. Since then, and with great effort, we have tried to satisfy the needs of each of our clients with the effort and dedication that we would put into our own home.

But none of this could be sustained in the future without a good product. While it is true that wood allows the creation of very visually attractive designs, achieving optimal living conditions that last over time is somewhat more complicated. This has been the maxim of Baltic Wooden Houses since the beginning.

Today, we have a professional team of salespeople and assemblers who work throughout Spain with this same objective, offering a wide variety of houses, cabins and wooden cabins that, in addition to durability, present insulation conditions similar to those of any type of housing. Likewise, we have a team of architects that gives us the possibility of building houses designed by the clients themselves.

Our goal is to continue growing and be recognized for the quality of our products, the best service, our financial solidity and for behavior attached to the highest ethical standards, from which our firm ecological commitment is born, choosing only those woods from forests of controlled felling.

Where do we meet

You can find us in Villacarrillo (Jaén) where our offices are located at the address Plaza XXVIII de Febrero,7 we also have our warehouse at the address Carretera Córdoba Valencia km 174, Polígono La Veracruz, Nave 28, 23300, Jaén